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I Love You Baby

Before Euro 2016 we had the pleasure of spending an evening in the company of Wales Online’s entertainment correspondent David Owen, not only a big Wales fan but a man of exquisite musical taste....


Podcast / Podlediad #45: Y Wal Goch

In podcast #45 Russell chats with Nick Stradling, director of The Red Wall, a short film about fans’ experiences in Bordeaux before, during and after Wales’s first game in Euro 2016 against Slovakia. The...


Where next for Joniesta?

With Jonny Williams crocked yet again, Russell Todd looks at his career date and ponders, where next for ‘Joniesta’? At the time of writing Jonny Williams has just signed on loan for Ipswich for...


Welsh football book reviews 3

The summer of 2016 will be ingrained on our collective psyche for years to come. But as fans we were not treated solely by on-field matters. 2016 will also be remembered for a slew of quality Welsh...


Wales and it’s Difficult Second Album

With the dust having settled on a historic European Championships for Wales, Hywel Picken likens the semi-finalists’ upcoming campaign to a band writing that ‘difficult second album’. Will Wales’s Road to Russia hit new heights akin to...


Found That Soul

It’s easy to be cynical about modern football.  Let’s face it, there is a lot to be cynical about.  Plenty has been written about football’s ‘lost soul’. In this blog Leon Barton argues that...