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Wales squad en route by ship to Canada for their 1929 tour 0

Wales vs Concacaf (part 1)

The United States were due to visit Cardiff tomorrow. Russell Todd looks back at the previous occasions that Wales have faced Concacaf opposition. Part 2 is here Canadian tour, 1929 – Wales had yet...

Anton Malatinsky Stadium, Trnava 0

Guide to Trnava and Bratislava

Bratislava residing Welshman Thom Lovelock talks you through all you need to know about Trnava, venue for Wales’s Euro 2020 qualifier this week PART ONE: TRNAVA Where Is The Game? – Although most of...

90 Minutes of Freedom 0

90 Minutes of Freedom

90 Minutes of Freedom is the self-published debut book by Jamie Grundy, friend of the podcast, author of this Preston North End Wales XI and Kurt Nogan fanatic. 90 Minutes of Freedom tells the...