Podcast / Podlediad #42: Kappa chat with @WalesMatchWorn

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2 Responses

  1. Deiniol says:

    Just caught up with the Kappa podcast. Great podcast! Good memories. Having started supporting Wales (and football in general) at the end of the umbro era / start of the Lotto years, the Kappa years was the start of my Welsh football obsession. My first Wales shirt was the first Kappa kit. Although it was a love / hate shirt for me. I loved the shirt and bought it at Cardiff’s JJB. I asked for the number 11 on the back of the shirt as well. It was only when I arrived home in Aberystwyth and took the shirt out of the bag did I realize that on the numbers that they used were Premiership numbers, so both numbers had a Premiership logo on the bottom. Living so far from Cardiff and had no plans to go down in the near future, meant that I couldn’t take it back to the shop so I was stuck with it. While I liked the shirt, the football nerd in me knowing how wrong it was (as well as the embarrassment, as I was only 13 at the time) meant that I never wore the top in public!!

    • Russell Todd says:

      Oh dear Deiniol. That sounds like an extremely plausible early 2000s story re the Wales football team. The team was so unknown to so many Welsh people. In those days if you followed the team and knew where to access information about it you could remain ‘in the know’ about the team. But for most it was a mystery, hence stories like yours. Can’t see it happening now though, can you? Glad you liked the podcast too. Always a pleasure to catch up with Shakey

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