Remembering Tony Millington (1943-2015)

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  1. Leesa byrne says:

    I have just read this for the 1st time and it has made me cry . Tony and Hazel are my mum and dad . I can just Imagine How much joy my dad must of had that day talking to you , living with two women who weren’t really into football , now I wish I had of listened to more of his stories from his playing day as I will never get to here them now , but he was just my dad now a famous footballer . Thanks for Sharing your story

    • Russell Todd says:

      Hello Leesa. I so treasure that day with your dad; he was a star. And it genuinely taught me a valuable life lesson to look past disability. He probably never had the faintest idea how influential he’d been. But given his campaigning work around his disability work at Wrexham AFC he’d have nonetheless appreciated its importance. Your mam might possibly remember me. I cut my community work teeth running the centre on the Barracks Field estate in Hightown, Wrexham. I remember her doing as many of the IT courses we put on as we could. She was lovely as well. I recall she struggled with her health on occasions. I dearly hope she is well and living life to the fullest. She had the most lovely lilting Irish accent I remember.

      The timing of your comment is remarkable. We have another blog about your dad ready to go this week by a Swansea fan in his early 60s whose hero was one Anthony Millington. It includes a pic of him as a young man in 1962 in a pre-match Wales lineup. He is rubbing shoulders with some of *the* true legends of Welsh football. He must have had a ton of great stories about these. Thanks again for the comment – Russell

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