Pob lwc Tom Bradshaw

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5 Responses

  1. Sally Bradshaw says:

    Love this blog, thank you so very much for taking the time!Everything crossed for Friday

  2. Chris Bradshaw says:

    It is great to read your fantastic blog, it brings all those memories flooding back and I do remember you, as there weren’t many of us un fairness. We will be there hoping that he scores on his debut as well.

    Many thanks Chris Bradshaw ( Toms Dad ).

  3. Emma Lock says:

    What a lovely write up! So personal! Tom deserves all the best in his Wales debut. I remember the Lichtenstein trip well……as the one left behind with the children!!! Good luck Wales!!
    (Tom’s Auntie) Emma x

    • Russell Todd says:

      Leon: Thanks to everyone who’s read and commented on the article.  Really feel humbled by the messages from Tom’s family in particular.  Once again, best of luck for tonight.  Can’t wait to watch

  4. Arwyn Morgan says:

    Pob lwc i Tom Bradshaw.

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