Podcast / Podlediad #69: From A(nderlecht) to Z(enica) with Mark Ainsbury

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Russell is joined by Mark Ainsbury who recounts tale upon tale of following #walesaway since his first trip to Belgium in 1991; being involved in setting up the Gôl Cymru charity; his thoughts about Wales’s global profile after the Euros; and much much more. Mark has recently began making some of his old fanzine articles available online at The Blansko Klobása blog. Gellir ddilyn Mark ar Twitter ar @chsingthedragon.
Dedicated to the memory of Clive Smith from Dowlais
Mae Russell yn cael ei ymuno â Mark Ainsbury sy’n traethu stori ar ôl stori o ddilyn Cymru oddi gartref ers ei daith gyntaf i Wlad Belg ym 1991; ei rôl mewn sefydlu yr elusen Gôl Cymru; ei feddyliau am broffil Cymru ledled y byd ar ôl yr Ewros; a llawer llawer rhagor. Yn ddiweddar mae Mark wedi cyhoeddi ychydig o’i hen erthyglau fanzine ar lein ar y blogfan Blansko Klobása. Mark can be followed on Twitter at @chsingthedragon.
Er gof Clive Smith o Ddowlais

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  1. Ian Derrick says:

    Loved this, and to think I was there at this legendary first meeting in the Chapter…

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