The Curious Career of Jason Koumas

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4 Responses

  1. wft says:

    Enjoyed that.

  2. Leon says:

    Thanks WTF.

  3. albion says:

    Such a waste of potential, some great memories of him playing for West brom. Specifically in that 07 season when we lost to derby in the play offs. The way he could pick a ball up in midfeild and just glide past defenders. The shot he had on him was just brilliant. Until the recent years of premier league stability, the talent and potential of Koumas had’nt been see in atleast 25 years at WBA. I do wonder if perhaps the genius was drilled out of him with typical british coaching, the same thing happened to Joe Cole and I fear the same for wilshire and Barkley. Players who posses stupid amounts of brilliance who just need to be left to thier own devices. Left to drift in and out of positions, let them create havok. In the end however ultimately perhaps it was just not meant to be
    great article btw

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