In Defence of Plastics

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6 Responses

  1. Gareth says:

    “I’ll shed a tear because my first live game was heartbreak against Romania in 1993.”
    You poor, poor sod. What an introduction. I wanted to hug you when I read that.
    A brilliant piece, well done. When I grew up loads of lads in my school supported England rather than Wales, even when they played each other in the Home Championships. Those kind of plastics I cannot forgive but everybody else should be welcome to join the party.

    • Gaz says:

      Thanks for your kind words. On a personal level I don’t think I’d change that Romania game now. With hindsight it feels like the start of a journey which may be about to reach its destination. But I still appreciate the offer of a hug! Those kids you grew up with sound awful, you’ll get no judgement from me regarding your lack of forgiveness! Cheers.

  2. Russell Todd says:

    I mean, who’s never wanted to see Marley Watkins in a shopping trolley?

  3. Alarch says:

    Sticking with Wales after that Romania game is highly creditable for sure, but does it really compare with having Wales beating Austria to qualify for the latter stages of a tournament for the first and only time (no chicken’s being counted here) as your first Wales game? At least that crushing Romania defeat prepared you well for what lay ahead. Do I not deserve a hug too?

    Fantastic post.

  4. Shaun Paul Griffiths says:

    Its the occasional fans who upset me because they love Wales but Wales are a massive 2nd to their Liverpool or their Man Utd. As a former season ticket holder of Derby County it was still Wales who were everything to me.
    Great read, really enjoyed it.
    See you in France

  5. chris evans says:

    Great post,first match the wales v russia in the play offs drove my dad down from shropshire and back after the match was hooked and have had campaign tickets driving from the wrong side of the border ever since .Have an english accent but a welsh heart and never had anything but a warm welcome and away in israel was awesome thats what it is about being a footie fan those years of angst and then the joy .

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