We Need To Talk About Chris

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7 Responses

  1. Graham says:

    It was the Tactics = Osian Roberts
    It was the Training = Osian Roberts….

    How can you make such a ridiculous statement, surely during the first year of colemans reign when he said he wouldn’t try and change anything and would do the same as gary this was Osian Roberts tactics etc. Coleman came out and said he would do it his own way and look what has happened, not lost a competitive game in almost 2 years, 10th in the world and in the 1st seeds for the world cup draw.

    I know first hand that coleman is engulfed in his tactics, and everything is spearheaded by him.

    • Russell Todd says:

      I’ll leave Hywel as the author to reply, but until he gets a chance to I’ll just say as admin that statements such ‘It was the Tactics = Osian Roberts’ and ‘It was the Training = Osian Roberts’ are being stated rhetorically by Hywel; I think it is clear from the rest of the piece that he personally doesn’t subscribe to that view. There are however plenty of fans who appear to believe that they are the domains of Roberts and therefore grounds for not giving Coleman the credit he perhaps deserves

    • Hywel Picken says:

      Hi Graham. You have clearly fallen into the trap of not bothering to read the article. The statements that you have mentioned are the ones that are routinely thrown at Chris.

      Have another read…this time try reading to the very end and not just to the first section.

      As mentioned in the article, I think it is important to get away from keyboard fury and establish the facts before lunging in a manner akin to Vinnie Jones.

      Thanks for reading, Graham.


  2. Alarch says:

    Excellent and timely article – and it’s nice to see an article grounded in solid facts.

    As one who believes that Osian Roberts’ has a bigger role in the Welsh setup than he is given credit for I diverge slightly from the article’s standpoint. My position (previously stated on the apostle forum) is that Coleman deserved more credit for his track record prior to the recent turnaround (as this article clearly demonstrates) but is perhaps getting too much of the acclaim now. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t value his contribution.

    What’s great about Welsh football right now is that everyone is pulling their weight, on (including the lesser lights such as Chris Gunter, HRK and Jazz Richards) and off the pitch, and that very much includes Chris Coleman. He’s our leader, and is doing an excellent job right now – that’s all that matters really.

    • Hywel Picken says:

      As always it is important to find balance. This campaign has been an unbelievable team effort. Totally agree – particularly regarding Gunter. He’s been absolutely tremendous.

      Thank you for your kind comment.


  3. Graham says:

    Apologies for being too hasty.

    Admittedly i didn’t continue to read on.

    Having done that i concur with thee others, good article. I was very tired!

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