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Joe Ledley: Making of a cult hero

He has a now-legendary beard, Twitter accounts dedicated to him, his own fans’ song and is now an internet shape-thrower sensation. Russell Todd looks back at how, and when, Joe Ledley became a cult favourite among Wales...


Redemption beckons for Coleman

With Chris Coleman leading Wales to a major tournament for the first time in over half a century, Leon Barton looks back at what led to Coleman’s moment of history. May 14th 2002; It’s injury...


In Defence of Plastics

Warning! This blog is written by Gareth Taylor with an underlying assumption that Wales will qualify for Euro 2016. Those of a superstitious nature read at their own risk. The author will not accept...


Welsh football book reviews 1

School’s out! So, unfortunately, is the football season. But never fear, the Podcast Pêl-droed team is here with some book ideas to satisfy your thirst for Welsh footie knowledge as you soak up the...


We Need To Talk About Chris

June 12th 2015. Chris Coleman has just guided Wales to victory against Belgium in front of a fervent, deafening Cardiff City Stadium. Wales top Group B and reside in the box seat for qualification...