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Keep politics in football

Leon Barton explains why Wales football fans who suggest politics should be kept out of football are staggeringly lacking in self-awareness. I realise that’s a ridiculous statement, but that’s the point.  With fans now...

Anton Malatinsky Stadium, Trnava 0

Guide to Trnava and Bratislava

Bratislava residing Welshman Thom Lovelock talks you through all you need to know about Trnava, venue for Wales’s Euro 2020 qualifier this week PART ONE: TRNAVA Where Is The Game? – Although most of...


The international year ahead

In another guest blog Buzz Boncath (known as Gareth to his mam) looks ahead to Wales’s 2019 international calendar, which includes the entire Euro 2020 qualifying campaign, and considers the potential permutations that might...