Podcast / Podlediad #54: In conversation with Phil Stead / Sgyrsio â Phil Stead

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Rich and Russell are joined by Phil Stead, author of Red Dragons – The story of Welsh football, and creator of the very first website dedicated to Welsh football ‘Eric The Red’.

As well as discussing the motive behind writing Red Dragons they meander through a range of topics: the current campaign, following Wales in the 1980s, Aaron Ramsey, Don’t Take Me Home, the impact of the 1993 defeat to Romania, the changing role of Gareth Bale in the Wales team, and the present fan culture.

Mae RichRussell yn cael eu hymuno â nhw gan Phil Stead, awdur o Red Dragons – The story of Welsh football, a creawdwr o’r wefan gyntaf i ymroddi i bêl-droed Cymreig, ‘Eric The Red’.

Yn ogystal â sgyrsio’r ysgogiad i ysgrifennu Red Dragons maen nhw’n ymddolennu trwy amrywiaeth o bynciau: yr ymgyrch presennol, dilyn Cymru yn y 1980au, Aaron Ramsey, Don’t Take Me Home, effaith y gorchfygiad i Rwmania ym 1993, rôl newidiol Gareth Bale yn y tîm Cymru, a’r diwylliant cefnogwyr presennol.

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