An open letter to The Red Wall / Llythyr agored i’r Wal Goch

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  1. Siôn Jobbins says:

    Wales, unfortunately, isn’t independent, so we have no Welsh embassies to represent our country.

    We, therefore are all ambassadors for Wales. Every Welsh fan, every time we’re abroad. Taking an interest and delight and respect for our visiting country and our fellow country men and women.

    The very word Cymru and Cymry (the Welsh) means ‘compatriots’ or ‘comrades’. We need to treat each another as comrades.

    ‘Welsh’ means foreigners. In many German dialects, ‘Welsch’ is a derogatory words, like ‘wop’ for Italians. We dont need this kind of attitude towards other peoples.

    Let’s be more ‘Cymry’ and less ‘Welsh’ in our actions supporting our country.

    Dal dy dir (hold your land/ground) Ashley and all good hearted Wales fans.


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