Podcast / Podlediad #65: Live Q+A with Leon Barton, author of Little Wonder

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Our first ever podcast with a live audience at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff with St. David’s Press. Russell and Rich interview Leon Barton about his biography of Brian Flynn, Little Wonder.
Little Wonder is available to buy from www.st-davids-press.wales. You can read an excerpt here. Brian will be signing copies of Little Wonder at Wrexham AFC on 16 December. 
Dyma ein podlediad cyntaf erioed o flaen cynulleidfa fyw yng Nghanolfan Gelfyddydau Chapter yng Nghaerdydd gyda St. David’s Press. Mae RussellRich yn holi Leon Barton am ei fywgraffiad o Brian Flynn, Little Wonder.
Mae Little Wonder ar gael i’w brynu trwy www.st-davids-press.wales. Gallwch chi ddarlen detholiad yma. Bydd Brian yn arwyddo copïau o Little Wonder yn CPD Wrecsam ar 16 Rhagfyr.

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