The Curious Geography of Welsh Goalkeepers

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4 Responses

  1. Gwyn Jenkins says:

    Very interesting. One small point: Vearncombe didn’t go to Sweden. Ken Jones was Kelsey’s understudy.

  2. Aled says:

    fascinating – growing up as a wales fan in the 80s, it was always the birthplaces of the national team that provided the gog geography lessons for this jack – Mancot, Ruabon, Llandudno etc (and Belgium & Singapore of course!)
    has anyone ever done a full analysis of all our internationals over time to find the real hot spots? do swansea and cardiff come top as you’d expect?

    • Russell Todd says:

      Glad you liked it Aled (and apologies for taking so long to reply)

      An early version of this blog made a similar reference to 80s footballers providing a geography lesson on north Wales for hwntws.

      As for whether anyone has ever “done a full analysis of all our internationals”, I don’t know of one but it would make for interesting research. I suspect Wrexham would figure prominently as well. Along similar lines, other than Aaron Ramsey (Rhymney valley) and Ben Davies (Swansea valley) where are the valleys internationals at the moment? Declan John won a cap as well, but there’s not been so many recently.

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