Is Welsh international football – finally – about to go mainstream?

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  1. Ian Jenkins says:

    Nice piece.

    Have you seen the recently published strategic plan by the FAW? I think it’s superb.

    As you mention, I think qualification to a major tournament would take football in Wales to the next level and it’s nice to see them acknowledge that in the plan (

    Compared with the ‘Ragbag Rovers’ image Mark Hughes dubbed the FAW before he took charge (, the entire operation looks so much better than it has in previous years. The marketing has been good (Cardiff Council run websites apart!), the preparation has been superb and it finally feel like there is room for real optimism, not just the blind optimism we may have had in the past.

    • Russell Todd says:

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply Ian. Agree with your comments. I’ve always felt there was room for improvement (putting it politely) in the way the FAW goes about it’s business… a lot more they could do to create a winning mentality in Welsh football. Obviously the FAW can’t go out on the pitch, but they can ensure the stadiums are full at least (give the tickets away if needs be..) and create a buzz around the national team. This is actually happening now, and the players seem to be feeding off the energy of the fans…which in turn is fuelling the fans even more. We used to be stuck inside a vicious circle and now we have a non-vicious one!

      As I stated, I believe one qualification will change everything and Jonathan Ford probably thinks this too. But there’s also a sense now from the FAW that these things don’t just happen by accident. You can’t just state you want something to happen and then expect it to (hello Greg Dyke!) You have to create a culture, take away the players excuses, get the fans back on side. I have nothing but admiration for the way the FAW have gone about things since the start of this campaign. That’s not something I was ever expecting to say to be honest… – Leon

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