The A to Z Guide of Wales’s Qualification Spring

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3 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Goodness, that’s brought back some rather dark, suppressed, Karl Ready related memories.

    I can’t recall who our opponents were but I remember one match being soundtracked by Bobby Gould screaming at his players to “wait for Karl Ready” every time we won a free kick or corner. As the match (inevitably) drifted away from us I can vividly remember Gould’s instructions becoming increasingly desperate, “wait for Karl Ready, Wait for Karl FUCKING Ready!”.

    Dark days.

    • Russell Todd says:

      Cheers for the comment Ben. Dark days indeed. Bobby Gould probably thought that Karl Ready had some sort of redemptive and saviour qualities. Wouldn’t be at all surprised. THis is after all the chap whose sole attacking tactic at home to (I think) Bulgaria was Vinny Jones’s long throws

  2. Alarch says:

    I was most gratified by your inclusion of Tom Bradshaw under “T”, although who or what else would merit inclusion. However, I was a tad disappointed he wasn’t included under “B” instead. That would have made space for “T” for trading cards, which your well-meaning wife or girlfriend buy you thinking they’re the stickers…

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